Cold Canard

It’s been pretty darn cold and on cue, out comes the canard that such cold weather puts an end to debate on climate change as global warming,

The scientists should just set aside all their data and call an infamous person who touts this and ask if he’s comfortable.

“Hello, this is the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. How are you today?”

“Why thanks for calling, I’m just fine, comfortable as can be.”

“Well, sir, that’s just hunky-dory. I guess we can ignore the decaying ice sheets, rising oceans, droughts and wildfires, violent hurricanes and other crazy weather until we call again next week. Have a great day!”

The science is overwhelming that rising global average temperatures are our most serious threat.

Right now change is driven at an unprecedented sharp rate by human activity – primarily through burning of coal and oil that releases carbon into the atmosphere. Our industrial age has tripped the balance of nature in the absorption and release of carbon into Earth’s remarkable but thin atmosphere.

While, the global climate has changed over eons but that’s no cause for complacency. The past decade has been the hottest on record for Mother Earth.

The Upper Midwest of the US has been facing shuddering low temperatures this week due to disruption of the polar vortex (Jetstream). Climate change science predicts such disruptions will be more common as Earth further warms.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the globe, Australia, faces abnormally high, even deadly, temperatures. Remember when you studied averages in grade school?  

Time to act is now. Call your Representatives and Senators at 202-224-3121 to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763), reintroduced in the 2019 Congress. This bill signals bipartisan recognition of the need for robust climate policy. Putting a price on carbon where practiced has been shown to effect sharp reductions in carbon emissions. We need this on a national and global scale.

Jack Shipley

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  1. I agree with the Coffee Shop Philosopher 100%. I read so many articles encouraging our weaning away from fossil fuels and towards renewables. Well, now we have more than wishes and words. There is a bill in Congress that economists and climate scientists agree is the best first step to reducing carbon emissions–put a price on it! H.R. 763 does this, and with the dividend part of the bill, the poor and middle class will be protected from the rising costs of fossil fuel energies. Onward ardently!

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