Mass Stalking

The NY Times covers the anger and death threats against individuals at AIG over the bonuses they received.

Like many, my gut just wrenched over the bonus headlines. How could they? But of course they could: They live in a different world, one in which two comma pay checks are not especially remarkable.

Treasury Sec. Timothy Giethner came from that world, too, so is it possible that alarms didn’t ring when the bonuses, initially approved last September by Treasury/TARP under the Bush administration, crossed his desk. This isn’t meant as an excuse or rationalization — just that theirs is a Marie Antoinette world.

And, of course, the populist opposition to the bonuses has gone overboard in the threats against AIG employees. A group called Conneticut Working Families even organized a weekend bus tour of AIG executive homes. That’s mass stalking.

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