Is life fair?

From “The Top Ten Best…” without other attribution for the origin of this photo. Perhaps this fact alone sides with “unfair.” Google fails in the first five pages of searching for this photo, though I did find an interesting photo of a belly dancer in a more familiar portable with door ajar.


Happens. This day broke at below 0° Fahrenheit in the upper Midwest and thus the thought:

“There is no bad weather; only poor choices in clothing.”

I’ve variously heard this as a Norwegian or Swedish proverb. Today, Google shows it on a Boy Scout site with no attribution. Here one Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D., an astrologer, commentator and Good Morning America consultant, ties it to Llewellyn.

Even though the Norwegians gave us lutefisk, I’m prone to credit them with the phrase even without further evidence. I’m just not channeling this proverb clearly.

Google frequently turns up a less poetic and meaningful derivative: “There is no bad weather; only bad clothing.”

Free Philosophy

Jason was a favorite. Think of setting sail with a bunch of good friends and just cruising from one adventure to the next. Ah, boys.

Well, here’s a place to explore the Greek mind further: Five sources for Free Greek Philosophy Education. Be aware that it’s doubtful that you’ll come to any understanding of the national protests currently in Greece.

Weiler’s Law Meets The Spouse

Lights half on, half off our Christmas tree looked pitiful. However, work must be done, bringing to mind the following:

Weiler’s law

Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn’t have to do it himself.

Or, as the case last night “woman” and “herself.” But then, with such a strong imperative, backed by a winking incentive, the impossible was untangled and set straight. Lights!