Which Issue Is Essential?

Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., has been a reasonable voice on Iraq and Afghanistan. This morning on CNN he suggested we put aside the debate on health care reform so Congress can focus on the “essentials,” the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just the US has lost 928 people in Afghanistan and 4,367 in Iraq since these wars started.

Yet, we see 45,000 Americans a year die due from indifference to health care reform.

Which issue is more essential?

More than semantics

Should terrorists from Guantanamo be tried in criminal courts in New York?

What more ignoble than to be hauled into courts, their attacks on the innocent treated as murder and the vanity of warrior stripped bare.

Matthew Yglesias makes a great point that the criminal versus the war approach unravels the terrorists conceit. Read more here.

Driving Habits and Age

Is cussing at other drivers a sign of aging? With good coffee in my mug, I’m always smiling. I may be swearing under my breath, but always smiling. Well, not always, like when people tailgate, or pull at speed into the comfortable-for-me space in front. Or, I see them reading. Or …

How about you?

On Change

Change does not come in an instant, perhaps only in cataclysm.

In politics change is not on demand even if in demand.

Giving up the fight — surrendering to apathy — guarantees that change will be vaporous.

Change must be a passion. Vote like your ballot mark is a weapon.