No, Again

If you “want to participate,” I’m not sure I understand how denying debate works.

If you want transparency, I’m not sure how “secret negotiations” works.

The Republican tactics today baffle me. Secret negotiations likely translates to “what the lobbyists tell us to do.”

Americans widely want tighter regulations on Wall Street and the megabanks. Getting it doesn’t seem likely. Simon Johnson, co-author of 13 Bankers, writes today about Sen. Dodd’s maneuverings that favor Wall Street’s lobbyists.

So, now I have Johnson’s book in my hands. If the story is half the deceit, greed and fraud of Michael Lewis’ The Big Short then I’m in for another deep round of pissed off this weekend.

But, I think that’s what we need: pissed off folk. Not Tea Party misled pissed off. Pissed off and focused on breaking the bankers’ grip on our economy.

FreedomWorks uncivil request for civil discourse

This bit of unintentional fun is brought to you by the good advertising folks at HuffPo.

A new voice for Geico?
A new voice for Geico?

What I like most about the web it the ability to provide content specific advertising that, in this case, is out of context. Many of the comments heap scorn on Geico, though I don’t fault the company’s actions. What Douglas (aka Lance Baxter) did was stupid, as he admits, and Geico is correct in distancing itself.

Frankly, what bothers me most is that FreedomWorks, which received D.C.Douglas’ call privately, elected to make it public, including releasing Douglas’ home phone number and inviting its members to complain directly.

FreedomWorks Matt Kibbe has the gall to then complain about hate speech, noting a 9/11 bomb threat to Freedomworks he said media ignored, and to call for civil discourse. Was releasing Douglas’ home phone number civil? No.

No word yet from Douglas on the temper of those complaints Kibbie spurred on.