A delusional shakedown

Imagine if you will that you have been harmed by another person; say a rear-end accident.

You were stopped innocently at a red light when it happened. Boom.

But, instead of having to sue and go to court and wait to be compensated, a settlement is reached.

That is the course of law today, every day, in which settling and avoiding court does no damage to our legal system.

But, by some strained reasoning, by recognizing its egregious failures and agreeing to a settlement quickly, BP is being “shaken down.” This talking point was dropped into the blogsosphere by Republican leadership (no, not just Rep. Barton but the Republican Study Committee and despite contradictions from Republican leaders Boehner and Cantor) where the delusional chant it mindlessly. The shakedown chant feeds the frenzied tea party over government “taking” and thus provides some sort of stretched validation of the “socialisms” threatening our nation.

Perhaps, it’s just a settlement. One party agreeing it was at fault and providing compensation.