Up with the sun

My brother-in-law, Ray, drove from Waukegan one Friday last month and we headed up to Duluth to see another BiL, Dennis, so that we could tour brewpubs and visit an award-winning distillery tasting room.

I had wanted to slip out in the depth of night for astrophotography but the weather wasn’t cooperative. But, Dennis, being Dennis, needed to be at his hockey game at 6 am so I offered to drive with him if I could sneak down to the lakefront for sunrise. Maybe ol’ sol would peak between the clouds.

I settled in at Canal Park, mounted my 24mm lens to the camera, the camera to a tripod and gingerly worked over the rock riprap to get closer to the water. I think things worked out just fine.

This is the Duluth harbor entrance. It’s massive if you walk along it out to the lighthouses on each end. The entrance welcomes ocean freighters and lakers in excess of 1,000 feet long seeking bulk cargo of taconite, a processed ready-for-the-kiln iron ore. I like that this photo sets it in scale against the vastness of Lake Superior.


Later Ray, Dennis and I enjoyed a visit to Castle Danger brewery, which disappointingly is not in Castle Danger, where we could have had walleye cake and pie at the Rustic Inn, but in Two Harbors, a fine town but lacking aforementioned walleye cake.

We stayed sober visiting Bent Paddle Brewery in Duluth, and Vikre Distillery, not far from where I shot the photo above.

So, don’t trust weather reports when your camera is at ready and get the heck out of bed before the sun rises. I don’t do that often.