To Rep.-Elect Lauren Underwood

Dear Rep. Lauren Underwood,

We urge your careful attention in the new session of Congress to the Energy Innovation and Dividend Act introduced with bipartisan signatories during the lame duck session passing. The act is expected to be introduced after you begin office, mid-Q1.

As the quadrennial climate assessment argued forcefully, the time for strong action to curb emissions of carbon and other heat-trapping gases is immediately at hand. Earth faces crisis and the Trump administration sits firmly in denial.

Your election provides hope. Northeastern Illinois is now uniformly represented by people dedicated to science and, most importantly, to listening receptively to the concerns of their constituents.

Introduction of the bill is a positive step, but the battle is just beginning. We know that the bill, its co-signers, our group, the Citizens Climate Lobby, and climate science in whole will be under vicious attack by those whose financial interests are rigidly calcified in protecting carbon intensive coal mining, oil and gas exploration. They have billions of dollars in sunk assets on the line.

These forces stand in the way of creating the political will for a livable world. They stand in the way of a majority of US citizens, including those in your district who proudly elected you to represent them. More information about carbon fee and dividend is available on the CCLwebsite:

In closing, the Green New Deal is a terrific, bold and energizing idea, but certainly of tenuous likelihood until Democrats flip the Senate and White House in 2020. Just so, we need affirmative action on climate more quickly to force the deniers’ and delayers’ hands ahead of the election.

With best regards,

Jack Shipley

Conscious Cup Coffee Roasters

Constituent and Ardent Phone Banker

Member, McHenry County Chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby