123 people a day die …

What’s to guard against a rapid and high increase in health insurance premiums when reasonable laws to prevent gouging from denial of coverage are passed?

After all, denying care is how insurers profit. In California, a study found one in five claims was denied.  Here’s former Cigna senior vice president Wendell Potter:


What’s to guard against untoward premium hikes to recapture the profits lost because insurers will actually have to pay for what people buy? What’s to guard without another option, perhaps, say, a public option?

Just wondering because, well, 123 people a day die for lack of coverage: indifference and opposition to health care reform.

If insurance gets more expensive, regardless of new consumer protections, the deaths will rise. Fewer people will be able to afford insurance, especially when insurers are bound by law to follow through with coverage.  A Harvard study found that denied or absent coverage for medical care costs 46,000 lives a year.

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