Effective versus Moral

Effectiveness versus morality, oh, how do we choose?

At the end of World War II we executed Japanese soldiers who used the “water torture,” known euphemistically in some circles today as an “enhanced interrogation technique.”*

But, that circles’ definition has lost against the facts of history and inconvenient memo. The aim now is to define waterboarding as “effective,” thereby making it extra-legal or maybe even hunky dory.

Yes, the land of the free and the home of the effective.

Has a ring to it, no? Is that a principle inspire a nation?

“Effective” dishonors the men and women who have fought and died for greater principles.

Thanks to Paul Begala. I know he’s a pick one — liberal, socialist, Obama facist — so the facts he brings forth on The Huffington Post don’t count in effective circles. Read his post since he cites the documentation on the U.S. history of prosecutions and executions for war crimes like waterboarding.

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