My cursive is so miserable you’d think I lacked an opposable thumb. So, I recently bookmarked a web site of cursive exercises. Cursive can be elegant.


But, then I ran across this in Good:

Stop Teaching Handwriting

  • Posted by: Anne Trubek
  • on February 11, 2008 at 9:23 pm

My son, who is in third grade, spends much of his school day struggling to learn how to form the letter “G.” Sometimes he writes it backwards. Sometimes the tail on his lowercase “T” goes the wrong way. His teachers keep telling him he may fail the state assessment standards. We have had several “interventions.” Simon now fears taking up a pencil. Repeatedly being told his handwriting is bad (a fine-motor-skill issue) has become, in his mind, proof that he is a bad writer (an expression issue). He now hates writing, period. (More)

Cursive exercises canned.

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