Planting flowers

“Why so optimistic about 2019? Everything is so messed up?

“I think it will bring flowers.”

“Yes? Flowers? Why?”

“Because I’m planting flowers.”

Cartoon on the Facebook page, Limping to Jerusalem

While a generation of environmental progress followed the first Earth Day in 1970, bringing cleaner air and water did we Boomers succeed with the environmental movement?

No, not yet. Today’s deregulatory zeal – rolling back regulations on mercury pollution – makes it seem that cleaning our environment is too inconvenient. Is addressing the reality of human caused climate change just likewise too much bother, despite the dire warnings of the Fourth National Climate Assessment?

Oh, here a lot of people will pitch in with denial since they’re smarter than the scientists or the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Institute, NASA, the Pentagon and even the Vatican. They should read why former climate skeptic Richard Muller, professor of physics at UC-Berkeley, changed his tune to full-voiced support of the climate movement. They should read why the Heritage Foundation’s lead denialist changed sides and now leads the Niskanen Foundation’s efforts to address climate change.

They should but I doubt they will do anything but pen a few smug comments.

As for me, I’m calling political leaders and, as our recent election showed, such efforts by hundreds of thousands of Americans are creating the political will to save a livable planet. The House is moving forward.

You can read about Muller here:

The conservative Niskanen Center’s climate section is here:

Jack Shipley

3 Replies to “Planting flowers”

  1. Hi pal…didn’t know about this adventure, but now I do.
    I like it . I really do.
    I will make sure I plug John at Salt Lake Roasting in to this too.
    Did you see NU game ? With my purple jacket I am now an outcast…

  2. Meanwhile I will send you an image or two of the horrible inversion/air pollution.
    More people…increased 14% last year..
    Dramatically more pollution and heavier inversion.

    1. Yep. We face a huge challenge. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the tRump Administration is leaving the climate to a higher authority. Does she think such “higher authority” is her servant to clean up behind us?

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