Rush Limbaugh’s “drive by” media

I wrote for some 12 unremarkable, journeyman years at the Duluth News-Tribune a long time ago. Now, sitting comfortably out of a hard rain in my Chicago suburb, I listen as Rush Limbaugh rails about the DNT and its big sister in St. Paul as “drive by media.” Not so sure how Rush defines that but I’ve little doubt that its a perjorative.

I wonder if Rush has been touched by the elegant writing of Duluth’s Sam Cook. Or does Rush know that Pulitzer Prize winner Jacqui Banaszynski worked in her early career at Duluth. But, of course, it’s so much easier for Rush to be dismissive in his pissy, junior high bully way.

What Rush ranted about was that the papers would share in a state/fed job-training program. Newspapers are struggling to establish an economic footing in a digital and, perhaps soon, newspaper-less age. (See, Rocky Mountain News closing on Friday.) The training would be to have journalists view their work beyond the paper, the physical paper, and to help sales staff cope in a changing world.

Rush’s bile spew aside, journalists taking government money is an unsettling thought. I just hope journalism evolves so the last person talking isn’t Rush.

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