Perhaps it’s primal within humans, so we may well understand former VP Dick Cheney’s urge for “enhanced” interrogation techniques. Civilization has come to recognize such urges and, thus, pass laws against them.

WLS Chicago’s conservative talk jock Erich “Mancow” Muller underwent water boarding May 22, as reported by NBC Channel 5 and quickly capitulated and renounced his previous statements: “It’s absolutely torture.”

In recognition of Mancow manning up, MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann gave $10,000 to Veterans for Valor and pronounced over his challenge for Sean Hannity to follow through and be water boarded for charity. Sean has, so far, chickened out.

Conservative writer Christopher Hitchens in August 2008 also challenged whether water boarding was torture. He too reversed field after experiencing the “enhanced technique.” Read Hitchens’ Vanity Fair article here.

Cheney’s current service is in service only to self, trying to create a body of public opinion against the mounting evidence that he and others in the Bush administration fell prey to their more primal urges and disgraced this nation.

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