Why We Need Health Care Reform

Cumulative pay increases since 1999: 29%.

Cumulative inflation since 1999: 44%.

Cumulative increase in employment-based health care premiums: 144% 120%

Source: American Benefits Council.

Since 1999 your health care premiums have risen at a rate five more than four times times faster than your pay, leaving you sinking against inflation. And, remember, inflation has been fairly benign since 1999. It’s even worse if you own a small business as WBUR, a National Public Radio affiliate in Boston reports.

What’s the cost of reform? What’s the cost of not reforming health care?

Some $1.4 million a day is being spent by the highly profitable health care industry to protect their franchise. If you have a conservative reflex against public involvement, just ask yourself if these folk are really on your side.

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