Yes, Sarah, we have no tomatoes

I’m not sure which story from Sarah Palin’s visit to Salt Lake City is more telling.

  1. That Sarah had a hairdresser called to the Monaco HotelĀ  and then stiffed her fee, tip and even the valet parking ticket.
  2. That the Costco where she went for a book signing removed tomatoes from the shelves.

An aide for the jet-setting Sarah Palin book-signing bus tour (yes, that’s an oxymoron, isn’t it) did ask for an invoice after being called on #1. Rhonda Halliday of Images Hair Studio and Day Spa says she’s giving Sarah the benefit of the doubt that this was just an oversight. Hmmm, things you could do with dye to make someone seem more like themselves.

Just 550 people showed up for Sarah’s book signing at a Costco. Customer Helen Rappaport thought well that, despite the crowded parking lot, that she was able to get to the pharmacy counter without waiting. But then, she couldn’t buy tomatoes.

Thoughtful Costco management had removed tomatoes from the shelves, seeing as how someone from Minnesota, home of Pawlenty, Bachmann and an embarrassed Humphrey family for God’s sake, chucked a tomato at Sarah Palin during her Mall of America appearance. Rappaport had no such intention; just wanted some grape tomatoes.

Now that was thoughtful of Costco management. But, just thinking and being familiar with Costco, you know that they have pies!

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